Computational Neuroaesthetics founded by Mattia Martone

During the live on 10th November on Digital Neuromarketing Mastermind (DNM), Mattia Martone presented the discipline of Computational Neuroaesthetics.

DNM is the first Italian Community where scientific discoveries in neuromarketing and digital psychology fields are filtered by utility and spread to everyone with a comprehensible language. In particular, I will keep on spreading knowledge about Computational Neuroaesthetics (CN), with a weekly content having the aim to give advice and applicable tips.

Digital Neuromarketing Mastermind

I co-founded, with Leonardo Saulle, the Research Center PXR Italy and I founded Computational Neuroaesthetics (CN). CN is the new discipline which integrates neuromarketing, psychology and computational science to develop digital contents matched with users’ psychographic features, such as personality traits. For example, CN analyzes the impact of aesthetics parameters, such as colors hue or saturation and brightness levels, in relation to a defined target.

Neuroaesthetic knowledge can be applied to other fields, in addition to the marketing one, such as product design and user experience design.

An overview of this discipline and its origins is explained in my book. The title is Computational Neuroaesthetics: innovation in digital marketing.

Computational Neuroaesthetics


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