Computational Neuroaesthetics: available the book in english edition

It has been published the new edition, in English, of the book “Computational Neuroaesthetics: innovation in digital marketing“.

This publication opens the door to the internationalization of Computational Neuroaesthetics in Europe and worldwide. The goal is to provide scientific knowledge applicable in specific areas such as marketing and user experience design.

The new book published by Mattia Martone, co-founder of PXR Italy and founder of this innovative discipline, is already available on Amazon and Google, both in paper and e-book format.

Computational Neuroaesthetics
Computational Neuroaesthetics

You can read some extracts on the research portals Research Gate and Academia, or also on Google Books.

Mattia Martone
Mattia Martone, PXR Italy co-founder and Computational Neuroaesthetics founder.

This is a new step for the divulgation of this discipline (also presented in Digital Neuromarketing Mastermind), which is a subject on which the research center PXR Italy is working with a dedicated team of researchers.


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